Specialty Performance Additives

Perform better

Specialty performance additives represent the “science” behind plastics sustainability and technology, enabling sustainable and recycled plastic raw materials to perform better in manufacturing, and transforming nearly all plastics to perform better in real life, reducing litter, reducing ocean plastic, decreasing illness, combating against crime, and more.

Specialty performance additives are helping manufacturers, brands, and retailers to lead the way to sustainability, causing every day plastics to biodegrade naturally without disrupting the recycling supply chain, reduce the impacts from common diseases like Salmonella and E. coli, extend shelf life of food, eliminate odors from food, clothing, etc., protect against counterfeiting, and on and on.

We provide a range of specialty additives and technical support to use them, including, bio assimilation, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, oxygen scavenger, moisture scavenger, odor eliminator, “tracer” anti-counterfeit, ocean oyster fillers, UV Stabilizers, and more.