Refill & Return Packaging

The plastic packaging sector is evolving rapidly to keep pace with today’s changing sustainable environment, in many cases re-thinking plastic packaging design and usage entirely.

For brands, manufacturers and retailers seeking to implement alternatives to single use plastic packaging, GearedforGreen helps design, implement and execute packaging refill and return options that provide significant collaborative supply chain opportunity for brands and retailers to reduce cost along with environmental impact, while providing consumers with more socially acceptable solutions and improved user experience.


Refill from home

Refill from home packaging solutions can be implemented on behalf of brick and mortar and online retailers for a variety of products such as beverage, home care, personal care, and more. Refilling from home can benefit manufacturers and brand owners by reducing material, transportation and packaging cost by supplying products as refill, concentrate, tablet, etc. Retailers benefit by providing improved brand loyalty and longer term sales via refill subscription models delivered direct to users. Consumers benefit too by reducing their cost and adding convenience via more simplified reorder processes.

Refill on the go

Refill on the go packaging solutions can be designed to incorporate refilling stations located at brick and mortar retail stores or third party dispensing locations for a variety of products including beverages, cooking essentials, personal care, home care, and more. Refilling on the go can enable manufacturers, brands and retailers to reduce material, transportation and packaging cost by supplying product as concentrates that get mixed with water at point of sale via dispensing machines. They can also enhance and personalize service utilizing smart dispensing systems that obtain user intelligence and recognize consumer data preferences to meet consumer’s individual unique needs.

Return from home

Packaging Return solutions from home can be a great advancement for brands that sell and deliver product via e-commerce. Through collaborative connected eco supply chains with shipping and delivery companies, and reprocessing facilities, used packaging from products including groceries, meal delivery, personal care, home care, and beauty, can be re-collected in a swap along with the delivery of new products. Once collected, used packaging can either be recycled, reused or repurposed. This approach benefits online retailer improve brand loyalty initiatives and obtain consumer insights via subscription and replenishment services. Consumers benefit too by gaining improved shopping experiences, access to improved packaging design, and the ability to easily and seamlessly participate in sustainability solutions.

Return on the go

Packaging Return on the go can be widely implemented in supply chain collaboration with retailers, distribution partners, and third party recycling processors, to reduce the environmental impact associated with single use plastic packaging, or substitute away from using single-use packaging altogether. Recyclable and reusable packaging can be returned to participating retailers at point of sale or at third party local packaging return facilities. This approach benefits retailers, enabling them to recycle and/or reuse valuable resources, and increase foot traffic from returning customers while providing improve brand loyalty initiatives. Consumers benefit too by gaining improved shopping experiences, and access to participate in sustainable packaging solutions.