Reduce and Reuse

Reusable plastic packaging alternatives versus single use plastic packaging, represents a $10B + market opportunity in the United States alone. Additionally, beyond the essential environmental impacts associated with reducing plastic waste and pollution, transitioning to reuse can enhance social brand loyalty and user experience, provide valuable user and market insights, reduce the carbon footprints through the supply chain from raw material, manufacturing, transportation, retail and end of use, and importantly, provide many economic benefits.


Sustainable packaging reuse alternatives present innovative opportunities for manufacturers, brands, retailers and consumers to improve economic, environmental, and social brand value, along with user experience.

Reduce cost

Packaging and transportation costs can be substantially reduced by supplying reuse and refill containers including concentrates or solids such as tablets.

Build loyalty

Brand equity along with customer retention can be improved by providing improved solutions, including deposit and reward programs for reusable packaging.

Customer experience

User experience for reusable packaging can be significantly enhanced by integrating sustainable design and functionality upgrades, spreading out cost over increased usage by taking advantage of the increased lifecycle achieved by multi-reuse packaging.

Consumer intelligence

Incorporating digital technologies into reusable packaging systems, including RFID, sensors, and GPS tracking, can provide valuable customer intelligence information regarding customer preference and packaging performance.


Sharing reusable packaging systems and technologies across multiple brands and product sectors can help optimize economies of scale related to distribution and logistics.


Our team at GearedforGreen has been involved in plastics, recycling, sustainability, and circular economy since 1989. Over that time we’ve solved some of the most challenging waste issues and developed “know how”, resources, tools, and relationships throughout the sustainability supply chain to help our clients succeed greener!

We’ve created new recycling technologies; designed, built, and operated state of the art equipment and recycling facilities; recycled over 800 million pounds of plastic waste; supplied close to one billion pounds of sustainable raw materials to help manufacturers make products more sustainably; created plastic & corrugated packaging solutions via recycling, design, and reuse; executed national reverse logistics and end of use programs; measured carbon footprints via life cycle analysis and achieved FDA compliancy for post-consumer plastics; closed the loop in national retail circular economies, helped launch sustainable products and brands, implemented social sustainable partnerships including ocean plastic waste and Lives per pound™; and provided valuable market data, educational, and brand communications campaigns.

Our Focus is sustainability. Our Mission is to create, implement and execute sustainability solutions that improve economic, environmental and social brand value.