Commodity & Engineered Sustainable Plastic Raw Materials

Since 1989, GearedforGreen has helped plastics manufacturers, brands, and retail supply chains nationwide to integrate close to a billion pounds of sustainable plastic raw materials into their products. We provide a wide variety of commodity & engineered sustainable plastic raw materials including certified PCR, FDA, Ocean, Closed Loop, Custom Formulated, as well as specialty performance additives that support plastic sustainability. In addition to materials, we provide onsite technical support, engineering, tooling, and ASTM lab resources to help you use sustainable raw materials most effectively. We work with manufacturers involved in injection mold, blow mold, blown film, compression mold, rotational mold, thermoform, pipe and profile, extrusion, and more. Our goal is to enable manufacturers, brands, and retail supply chains to increase their use of sustainable and recycled plastic resins, with a focus on improving economic, environmental, and social value.

Sustainable Plastic Resins

We maintain a diversified sustainable raw material supply chain producing over one billion pounds annually of certified recycled and/or sustainable plastic resins, created in many different grades, blends, and formulations, including 100% PCR, FDA, Closed Loop, Ocean, Reinforced, and Filled. Some of our most common grades include:

  • 100% PCR SB270 certified LDPE, HDPE and Blended LD/HD film grade sustainable resins
  • 100% PCR certified Polyester apparel grade sustainable resins
  • 100% PCR certified PP – HDPE blended FDA grade sustainable resins for single use contact articles including food service disposable cutlery, trays, caps, closures, and lids
  • 100% PCR Curbside HDPE grade sustainable resins for use in rigid & flexible packaging including food, beverage, and beauty applications
  • 100% PCR certified PP grade sustainable resins for general purpose, housewares, construction, automotive
  • 100% PCR Ocean Bound HDPE grade, suitable for most HDPE applications

Our Capabilities

GearedforGreen has 30 years and close to a billion pounds of sustainable plastic raw material expertise. We’ve closed the loop connecting major manufacturers, brands and retailers, achieved FDA compliancy on our PCR recycled plastic resins, conducted life cycle assessments to measure & certify reduced carbon footprints associated with sustainable plastic resins, obtained numerous certifications including PCR, CA SB270, and others, implemented national reverse logistics and end-of-use recollection programs, and have designed, built and operated our own state of the art plastic recycling facilities to supply certified PCR resins in-house.

We maintain an extensive eco-supply chain network of industry leading sustainability providers, working connected, collaboratively and transparently, including, PCR and industrial plastic recycling firms, regional and national plastic resin distribution, specialty additive technology partners, engineering, tooling, and onsite technical support, ASTM lab resources, certification and compliance professionals, and more.

Our team at GearedforGreen is uniquely positioned to help brands, manufacturers, retailers, and others to succeed using sustainable plastic raw materials.