Post Consumer Plastic Waste

When it comes to post-consumer plastic waste, the USA produces more than 35 million tons per year…

Along with advances in plastics recycling technologies, and increased consumer awareness around sustainable packaging, the market for recycled post-consumer plastic is projected to grow substantially, especially within the plastic packaging sector which represents the largest growing application for post-consumer plastics, in items such as containers, bottles, bags, films, and other protective packaging products. The post-consumer recycled plastics market is expected to grow from $7.7 billion in 2019 to $10.2 billion by 2024. The growing demand for post-consumer recycled plastics is attributed to increased awareness regarding consumers and sustainable packaging, more stringent law enforcement by governments for the management of plastic waste to reduce waste accumulating in landfills, and growing urbanization. However, the high economic cost of using recycled plastics in manufacturing versus continuing to use virgin plastic resins, along with difficulties in sourcing these sustainable raw materials in consistent quality and volume, and managing the supply chain is projected to pose challenges in the growth of the market.

GearedforGreen provides a number of innovative PCR “value add” solutions, that help level the economic playing field against virgin plastics, for recyclers, resin producers, brand owners, manufacturers and retailers.

Our Capabilities

We have more than 30 years and 800 million pounds of “hands on” post-consumer plastic recycling expertise including; having closed the loop with major brands and retailers, achieved FDA compliancy on recycled post-consumer resins, conducted life cycle assessments to measure post-consumer carbon footprints, obtained SB270 and other certifications on post-consumer film grade resins, implemented national reverse logistics and end-of-use recollection programs for post-consumer plastics used in the market, and having designed, built and operated our own state of the art regional post-consumer plastic recycling facilities.

Additionally, we maintain an extensive eco-supply chain network of industry leading service providers including; local and regional private & municipal collection facilities, recycling and technology partners, resin distribution and specialty additive suppliers, ASTM lab support with on-site technical and engineering support, certification and compliance support, and more. Our team at GearedforGreen is uniquely positioned to help brands, manufacturers, retailers, municipalities, and others to succeed in increasing post-consumer plastic waste recycling rates and usage of post-consumer sustainable plastic resins.