End of Use Recycling

Stats that matter

Did you know that 65% of consumers are more concerned with ocean plastic waste as compared to 58% concerned with climate change? Market studies confirm 31% of consumers are “aware” of plastic issues, and more importantly, 34% of consumers are now “activated”, meaning they are making purchasing decisions based on a product, brand, retailer, or venue’s commitment to sustainability. Consumers want to know what you are doing with respect to sustainability, and more than 50% have actually altered their purchasing decisions toward products that demonstrate sustainability & social purpose.

End of Use Responsibility, Retailer Plastic Hanger Recycling Video

Taking responsibility

We help manufacturers, brands, and retailers take responsibility for their plastic products and packaging used in the market, by implementing End of Use sustainable solutions.

We help design and implement each program, from creating goals, logistics supply chain collaboration, education and awareness messaging, and implementation of each sustainable end of use solution. There is no cookie cutter approach to end of use sustainability, so we work with each client to develop and implement sustainable programs based around their unique material and logistics needs. Our logistics supply chain collaborations include retail reverse logistics, a national network of local private and municipal recycling collection centers, postal collaborations with USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc. Integrating proven communications strategies is essential to effectively communicating logistics directions along with end of use options. Depending upon the materials, there are a number of end of use options available, including recycling, reuse, donation, social partnership, etc. We handle it all, from roadmap creation to implementation.

Our Capabilities

We have more than 30 years and 800 million pounds of plastic recycling expertise including; having closed the loop with manufacturers, major brands and retailers, achieved FDA compliancy on recycled plastic resins, conducted life cycle assessments to measure carbon footprints, obtained SB270 and other certifications on post-consumer resins, implemented national reverse logistics and end-of-use recollection programs, and having designed, built and operated our own state of the art regional plastic recycling facilities.

Additionally, we maintain an extensive eco-supply chain network of industry leading service providers including; local and regional private & municipal collection facilities, recycling and technology partners, resin distribution and specialty additive suppliers, ASTM lab support with on-site technical and engineering support, certification and compliance support, and more.

Our team at GearedforGreen is uniquely positioned to help brands, manufacturers, retailers, municipalities, and others to succeed in their plastics sustainability and end of use initiatives.