About Us

Driving a sustainable future through innovative recycling and circular economy solutions.

Established in 1985, Geared for GREEN Companies has been a leader in innovating and implementing Recycling, Sustainability, and Circular Economies for businesses and organizations throughout the USA.

We believe that when sustainability is implemented properly, it can be a true differentiator, positively impacting our clients economic, environmental, and social value. That is why we created our "Four Key Pillars of Sustainability" to focus our work both internally & externally, around Recycling & Sustainability, Education & Engagement, Sustainable & Circular Economy Products, and Giving Back.

Our promise to our clients is to bring passion, purpose, and innovation to everything we do for you! Our team is incredibly passionate about our environmental work and utilizing today’s highest resources, data, tools, and technologies to help you implement recycling, sustainability, and circular economy solutions to make a difference!

Our Mission

Delivering economic value by implementing sustainable and circular economy initiatives.

At Geared for GREEN, we want to revolutionize the way businesses and organizations perceive waste, transforming it from a challenge into a valuable resource. We are dedicated to helping you establish, implement, and achieve your sustainability objectives. Through our expertise in recycling, waste management, sustainable raw materials, manufacturing, and sustainable supply chains, we guide you towards a more sustainable future. Our commitment is to create economic, environmental, and social value by redefining the role of waste in today's world.

Who we have worked with


Over our 30+ years we have innovated recycling technologies; designed, built, and operated state of the art recycling facilities for ourselves and for clients; recycled over 1 Billion pounds of plastic, paper, metal, and textile waste; helped clients achieve zero waste; supplied over 850 Million pounds of sustainable raw materials to help manufacturers make products & packaging more sustainably; designed sustainable packaging; implemented nationwide reverse logistics end-of-use recycling programs; measured and certified carbon footprints via life cycle analysis; achieved FDA compliancy for PCR post-consumer plastic waste; closed-the-loop implementing national retail circular economies; helped events nationwide to implement zero waste initiatives; worked with school systems to implement campus circular economies coupled with sustainable curriculums and workshops; partnered with Material Recovery Facilities MRF’s to help communities close the loop; launched numerous sustainable product lines; connected sustainable charitable "giving back" partnerships; and more.


We are incredibly passionate about sustainability and working with our clients to help make a positive impact!