Feed Your Supply Chain Sustainable Raw Materials

Stats that matter

Did you know that 65% of consumers are more concerned with ocean plastic waste versus 58% concerned with climate change? Market studies confirm 31% of consumers are “Aware” of plastic issues, and more importantly, 34% of consumers are now “Activated”, meaning they are making purchasing decisions based on a product, brands, or retailers commitment to sustainability.

Consumers want to know what you are doing with respect to sustainability, and more than 50% have actually altered their purchasing decisions toward products that demonstrate sustainability & social purpose.

Block Raw Material Sustainable Purchasing

GearedforGreen Circular Economy® “Block Sustainable Raw Material Purchasing” programs provide retailers and large brand owners with a powerful tool to both leverage purchasing power and secure sustainable raw material feedstocks for their downstream supply chain partners.

Today, many manufacturers are engaged in environmental initiatives to accommodate and adhere to the sustainability and “score card” requirements mandated by their retail and brand customers. Using sustainable and recycled plastic resins including certified PCR and FDA resins in both product & packaging is important, however it’s easier said than done. Recycled plastic resins aren’t always readily available in the grades, quality levels, and quantities needed, plus they aren’t as simple to use in manufacturing compared to virgin plastic resins, and in many cases using recycled plastic resins just isn’t cost effective.

GearedforGreen Circular Economy® “Block Sustainable Raw Material Purchasing” programs help retailers, brand owners, and manufacturers to collaborate and tackle these challenges together.

Overview How It Works

GearedforGreen Circular Economy® “Block Sustainable Raw Material Purchasing” options are available for recycled plastic grades including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyester.

We follow a step by step process to identify retailer and brand owner supply chain plastic raw material needs, including base grades, general specifications, quantity, and economic requirements. Once production allocation commitments are made to meet overall needs, we get granular, working between our sustainable raw material suppliers and each individual manufacturer. We create specific “Raw Material Plans” for each manufacturer, including, customized formulations, production schedules, quantity, packaging, logistics, etc., and provide lab, technical and onsite support for each manufacturer on an ongoing basis.

Overview Why It Works

GearedforGreen Circular Economy® “Block Sustainable Raw Material Purchasing” benefits the entire supply chain.

Retailers and brand owners benefit by leveraging their volume purchasing power to reduce cost and ensure availability of sustainable and recycled plastic raw material feedstocks for their supply chain.

Manufacturers in the supply chain benefit by gaining cost effective access to high quality reliable sustainable plastic raw material feedstocks, along with specialized technical and onsite support.

Sustainable raw material suppliers benefit by securing large volume sales commitments from retailers and brand owners for their supply chains. These commitments enable raw material suppliers to invest in equipment and technology, and make commitments themselves for their plastic scrap feedstocks.

Our Capabilities

GearedforGreen has 30 years of plastics, recycling, sustainability and circular economy expertise, having recycled over 800 million pounds of plastic waste and supplied close to a billion pounds of sustainable plastic raw materials. We’ve closed the loop connecting major manufacturers, brands and retailers, achieved FDA compliancy on our PCR recycled plastic resins, conducted life cycle assessments to measure & certify reduced carbon footprints associated with sustainable plastic resins, obtained numerous certifications including PCR, CA SB270, and others, implemented national reverse logistics and end-of-use recollection programs, and have designed, built and operated our own state of the art plastic recycling facilities. We maintain an extensive eco-supply chain network of industry leading sustainability providers, working connected, collaboratively and transparently, including, a network of regional and local municipal and private Material Recovery Facilities, Plastic Recycling and Technology firms, regional and national plastic resin distribution, specialty additive technology partners, engineering, tooling, and onsite technical support, ASTM lab resources, certification and compliance professionals, and more.

Our team at GearedforGreen is uniquely positioned to help retailers, brands, and manufacturing supply chains to succeed using sustainable plastic raw materials.

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