Sustainable Event Apparel

Let’s inspire everyone! Not only do we make fully sustainable volunteer apparel and uniforms made in multiple colors and styles, all from 100% recycled plastic water and soda bottles but our sustainable gear closes the loop, because it’s made from bottles we collect from events just like yours.

We supply a complete line of event style eco-tee shirts, eco-polo shirts, eco-baseball style caps, along with hundreds of other event merchandise items, all made fully sustainable from recycled and sustainable materials. Our eco-fabrics and apparel are available in a variety of hi-tech options including anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and breathable sports grade. Our GearedforGreen proprietary “tracer” technologies track and trace the sustainable supply chain of our apparel from collection of bottles to recycling, to yarn, to die, to cut and sew, right to your events merchandise shop.

The best part about GearedforGreen eco-event apparel is its ability to inspire, educate, and make a difference in our world. As part of our event sustainability solutions which include recycling at your event, experiential activation sustainability stations, and event merchandise shops, our eco- volunteer apparel connects the “journey of your recyclables” from your recycling bins all the way back into your sustainable merchandise and volunteer gear.