Corrugated Box Reuse

Think outside the box

Join North America’s largest eco supply chain reuse network for used corrugated boxes. We’ve partnered with manufacturers, retailers and nationwide service providers to help clients save money, create efficiencies, and reduce environmental impact. With thirty (30) strategically placed regional distribution centers, our corrugated box reuse network serves more than 350 manufacturers throughout North America.

Why reuse versus recycle

Traditionally, manufacturers generate excess corrugate boxes, typically allocated as plant waste or as recyclables. By participating in corrugated reuse versus recycling, generators can increase revenue and productivity, while reducing their carbon footprints too.

The economic value for onetime used corrugated boxes is generally 30% to 40% greater than recycling markets. Additionally, reuse pricing doesn’t fluctuate nearly as often as recycling markets, making it easier, more consistent and reliable to manage on a financial perspective. Reuse programs also provide greater transparency and eliminate hidden transportation charges, equipment rental fees, and light load charges.

Corrugated box reuse programs also create improved efficiencies and productivity, making it easy to get involved. We provide road worthy storage trailers at each supplier facility. After the contents are emptied from cardboard boxes on the production line, manufacturing plant operators simply flatten the boxes, place them on pallets or inside gaylords, and load up our swap trailers. Once full, we schedule a trailer swap so manufacturing plants can continue collecting more boxes for reuse. This process reduces cost and man power, and also eliminates the need for extra handling and baling too.

Reusing corrugated boxes also reduces CO2 emissions, water, and energy consumption. We provide monthly carbon footprint reports as part of our ongoing service.