Certified Sustainable

Stats that matter

Did you know that 65% of consumers are more concerned with ocean plastic waste as compared to 58% concerned with climate change? Market studies confirm 31% of consumers are “aware” of plastic issues, and more importantly, 34% of consumers are now “activated”, meaning they are making purchasing decisions based on a product, brand, retailer, or venue’s commitment to sustainability. Consumers want to know what you are doing with respect to sustainability, and more than 50% have actually altered their purchasing decisions toward products that demonstrate sustainability & social purpose.

Certification matters

Your customers want to know if your products are made sustainably, and consumers and retailers want to make sure you aren’t “Greenwashing” and that your environmental claims are valid. Manufacturers also leverage certifications to differentiate from their competitors. These are all important reasons why 3rd party certification is so important.

GearedforGreen has years of hands on experience working with leading 3rd party plastics certifications firms, to achieve a variety of compliance and certifications for both our own sustainable raw materials and products, and for and on behalf many of our clients, including; PCR, FDA Letter of No-Objection, Ocean Plastics, Plastic Bag Certifications, Carbon Footprint, and more.

We provide a range of strategic advisory services to help companies and organizations affirm and communicate their sustainability success stories. We manage the process every step of the way, from initial application, audits, testing, life cycle assessment, and certification, to make sure it’s done right and to save you time and money.