Certified destruction brand protection

One of the greater risks for brands and retailers today is having unwanted product and packaging get into the wrong hands, whether remarketed or disposed of unprofessionally or unethically. In today’s “branded” world, having your branded product and packaging wash up on a beach can have widely negative impacts. Issues related to used or unused branded packaging, or substandard product in the market, consumer harm, etc., can come at a significant financial and brand reputational loss.

GearedforGreen has over 30 years of hands on expertise managing and handling certified destruction and brand protection for many of today’s most valued and recognized brands. We know how valuable your brand is and how important it is to minimize risk and liability from that waste, and ensure that none of the materials reach unwanted hands.

Getting it right every time

We help manufacturers, brands, and retailers to professionally and confidentially manage their destruction and brand protection needs, ensuring its done right every time. Based on our client’s product or packaging requirements, we provide secure and certified destruction, chain of custody, third party witness, anti-counterfeit “tracer” technology, even dedicated end to end surveillance. Additional solutions include recycling, re-label reuse applications, charitable reuse collaborations, and waste to energy. In all cases we provide full documentation & certification.

Our Process

Our certified destruction and brand protection processes ensure that your product and packaging materials will be destroyed and protected always.

  • We handle all logistics, door to door using DOT sealed vehicles. We provide a variety of security levels, per client requirements.
  • Black Wrap can be used to conceal product in order to maintain strict door to destruction confidentiality.
  • Upon arrival, GearedforGreen staff catalogs and inspect the seal to ensure no tampering.
  • Product is securely (destroyed, recycled, re-labeled, etc.) and can be witnessed by customer representatives, etc., at any time.
  • A certificate of destruction, recycling, re-labeling is provided for all services. Additional proof of destruction services are available, per client requirements.

Our Capabilities

We have more than 30 years and 800 million pounds of recycling, destruction and brand protection expertise including; having closed the loop with leading manufacturers, major brands and retailers, achieved FDA compliancy on recycled raw materials, conducted life cycle assessments to measure carbon footprints, obtained PCR, SB270 and other sustainable certifications, implemented national reverse logistics and end-of-use recollection and destruction programs, and having designed, built and operated our own state of the art recycling facilities.

Additionally, we maintain an extensive eco-supply chain network of industry leading service providers including; local and regional private & municipal collection facilities, recycling and technology partners, resin distribution and specialty additive suppliers, ASTM lab support with on-site technical and engineering support, certification and compliance support, and more.

Our team at GearedforGreen is uniquely positioned to help brands, manufacturers, retailers, municipalities, and others to succeed in their sustainability, product destruction and brand protection initiatives.