Beyond Recycling- The Power of Circular Economy Products

Beyond Recycling- The Power of Circular Economy Products

By Geared for GREEN Family of Companies CEO, Daniel Schrager

In today’s world, where sustainability is not just valued but essential, the concept of the circular economy emerges as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility. At the core of this circular transformative movement are consumer and operational products that embody the principles of circularity—products that not only challenge but also change the way we view production and consumption. Through sustainable product development and event, campus and community initiatives developed by Champions for GREEN and the pioneering green product development & design work of APEX Sustainable Furnishings, we at Geared for GREEN are turning the tide on circular economy implementation one product at a time.

The Transformative Power of Recycled Polyester in Apparel

Champions for GREEN is leading the way in demonstrating the vast potential of recycled plastic bottles converted into sustainable apparel and uniforms. These recyclable materials, central to our sustainable apparel line, showcase what is possible when we rethink our resources. Utilizing recycled polyester bottles reduces energy consumption by up to 50% and slashes CO2 emissions by 70% compared to its virgin counterpart. To contextualize, producing just 68 pieces of sustainable polyester apparel — equivalent to utilizing 680 recycled PET water and soda bottles—mirrors the CO2 absorption benefits of planting a single tree. This stark efficiency not only exemplifies the environmental benefits of recycled materials but also positions our apparel as a flagship of sustainable fashion.

From PET Bottles to Fashionable Wearables

Our journey from waste to wearability begins with our nationwide logistics capabilities of collecting millions of pounds of PET post-consumer water and soda bottles through our Champions for GREEN Sustainable Events initiatives, Campus and Community for GREEN Sustainability programs, and Geared for GREEN Corporate Circular Economy programs. Here these waste materials are earmarked for their future potential, reborn as high-quality polyester fiber. These plastic bottles, once destined for landfill, undergo a meticulous and automated step by step recycling and remanufacturing process including grinding, shredding, washing, de-contaminating, blending, and custom formulating. Additionally, we embed our C4G High Performance Fiber Package that includes antimicrobial, 4way stretch, moisture wicking, UP50 sun protectant, and CoolTech technology right into the fiber. The result is a range of sustainable high-performance apparel and uniforms that stands as a testament to quality, durability, and circular economy sustainability. Every piece of Champions for GREEN apparel we produce is more than just a garment; it’s a statement and conversation about our customer’s commitment to the planet and a step towards a more sustainable future.

Expanding the Circular Economy with APEX Sustainable Furnishings

Beyond apparel, our mission to embed circular economy principles into everyday life extending through the work of APEX Sustainable Furnishings. We recycle millions of pounds of post-consumer plastic films, bags, and wraps which we convert into sustainable sheet and boards that replace traditional wood. We recycle millions of plastic waste and soda bottles, that we convert into indoor & outdoor furniture and furnishings fabrics.  By transforming these recycled materials into durable, eco-friendly furniture, furnishings, fabrics, fencing, floral, and fixtures, APEX products showcase the tremendous versatility that is possible using recycled materials. These innovative Apex Furnishings products not only offer sustainable alternatives to traditional materials but also contribute significantly to reducing our environmental footprint. From stylish, sustainable furniture to practical items like cornhole boards and store fixtures, APEX Sustainable Furnishings is redefining what it means to join the circular economy!

Making Events Sustainable, One Step at a Time

In collaboration with event organizers nationwide, Champions for GREEN Events is setting new standards for sustainability in the event industry. Incorporating our 4 Key Pillars of Sustainability we are integrating sustainable practices into every facet of event planning, from zero waste and recycling, implementing Eco Supply Chain Toolkit services, closing the loop with sustainable apparel, uniforms, and everyday event products, and raising awareness through our educational and engagement initiatives. These initiatives exemplify our belief that sustainability should be accessible and actionable, demonstrating that even small changes can have a significant impact.

Broadening the Impact of Sustainability

At Geared for GREEN, our dedication to fostering a sustainable future is embodied in every initiative we undertake, from Champions for GREEN's innovative apparel line to APEX Sustainable Furnishings' eco-friendly products. By intertwining these efforts, we're not merely talking about environmental responsibility; we're actively implementing a more sustainable world. Our products, whether they're wearable garments or functional furniture, are designed with today's consumer in mind, aiming to educate and inspire a shift towards more responsible consumption patterns. Each item we produce is a catalyst for change, encouraging both individuals and organizations to embark on the journey towards sustainability together!

A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation

Through these concerted efforts, our Geared for GREEN Family of Companies aims to showcase the tangible benefits and practical applications of circular economy principles. Every circular economy we help implement showcases the shared value created through collaborative, connected, transparent supply chains. Our mission is to prove that embracing sustainability and circularity doesn't mean compromising on quality, design, price, or value! Every step we take towards integrating eco-friendly practices is a stride towards a better future for the next generation.