School & Campus Sustainable Circular Economies (Part 3 of 3)

School & Campus Sustainable Circular Economies (Part 3 of 3)

Dec 26, 2023

To continue with our 3/3 post on Campus & Community for GREEN, this post will focus on our third and fourth pillars of sustainability: 

Third Pillar: Sustainable & Circular Economy Products 

The third pillar of sustainability for your campus programs revolves around Sustainable & Circular Economy Products. This pillar holds immense importance because it involves the recycling of all the materials we collect across your campus, transforming them into Sustainable Raw Materials, which are then converted into a wide range of Sustainable Circular Economy Products that are used in everyday campus operations.  

For instance: 

We help to recycle millions of plastic water and soda bottles, which we transform into fibers, yarns, and sustainable fabrics used to create countless campus circular economy products including your school's performance apparel, uniforms, volunteer gear, hats, polo shirts, long and short-sleeve T-shirts, sustainable graduation caps and gowns, book bags, backpacks, and even fabrics for campus, dorm, and even campus & community furnishings and furniture. 

Another example of our Campus Circular Economies, we help recycle Millions of used plastic bags, films, wraps, and plastic foam packaging waste which we recycle into sustainable sheet goods and boards, which we use to make a number of campus circular economy products, including sustainable school desks, chairs, benches, tables, shelving units, indoor and outdoor furniture, fixtures, flooring, and a wide array of circular economy campus operational products including your  recycling bins, trash cans, trash bags, retail store merchandise bags, storage containers, pallets, and more. 

All these sustainable circular economy products used within your campus's daily operations and across your campus community can be created entirely (from your campus recyclables).  

Moreover, by incorporating our 2 pillar of sustainability, Education & Engagement, every sustainable campus product becomes a part of “your campus sustainable circular economy narrative”, connecting your recycling efforts with your educational initiatives and campus products. 

Imagine students proudly stating, "Did you know this desk was made from 1400 plastic bags, and this shirt was crafted from 12 recycled plastic bottles?" Checkout APEX Sustainable Furnishings and Champions for GREEN website to learn more about these products. 

What's better is that sustainable products don't necessarily cost more than non-sustainable alternatives. In fact, we can often help you create efficiencies that drive costs below virgin products. By embracing Sustainable Circular Economy Campus Products, you not only contribute to your school's value … but also foster economic, environmental, and social benefits. 

This value inspires your students, faculty, and community, reinforcing your school's commitment to the environment and its dedication to taking action. 

Fourth Pillar: Giving Back GREEN 

Our fourth pillar of sustainability is Giving Back GREEN. We firmly believe that sustainability isn't just about preserving the environment but also about giving back, teaching the next generation, and aiding those in need. 

Under this pillar, we integrate charitable partnerships into Campus for GREEN initiatives. This may include donating a portion of recycling or circular economy proceeds from the sale of sustainable products to dedicated charitable organizations or creating sustainable Circular Economy Campus products in support of important causes, thereby raising awareness. 

What drives our team at Campus for GREEN, as well as the campuses we serve, is our 30+ years of recycling, sustainability, and circular economy expertise and resources! To date we’ve proudly help recycle over 1 BILLION POUNDS of plastic and other waste materials! We're dedicated to using our skills to help help campuses and students reduce waste and costs toward the goal of zero waste, while simultaneously increasing the value of campus recycling and sustainability efforts.  

Our aim is to help campuses to create economic, environmental, social, and generational value and to implement sustainable products around campus, all made circularly from campus waste.  

This article concludes our Campus & Community posts about Why & How we implement CFG four pillars of sustainability to make your Campus & Community a better place.  

Make sure to check out our website: to learn more and our Geared for GREEN website with our family of companies.  

 By Daniel Schrager, CEO at Geared for GREEN