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Build Long Term Success by Leading Sustainably

Lead Sustainably

GearedforGREEN operates a number of sustainability groups, all geared to help businesses and organizations build long term success by Leading Sustainably.
To get there, we focus on seven (7) key pillars of sustainability.

  1. Recycling, waste reduction, and resource conservation, implementing today’s most innovative sustainability strategies and solutions.
  2. Use of sustainable and certified green raw materials and additives to make products and packaging more sustainable.
  3. Design out waste in products and packaging, focusing on light weighting, reduce, reuse, refill, repurpose, and end of use solutions.
  4. Implement connected, collaborative, efficient, transparent circular economies that create economic, environmental, and social value.
  5. Communicate your commitment to sustainability with initiatives that inspire and educate customers, employees and stakeholders.
  6. Walk the walk by using more sustainable products throughout your own operations.
  7. Give Back by connecting strategic social and sustainable charitable partnerships.


Our team at GearedforGREEN has been involved in recycling, sustainability, and circular economy since 1989. Over that time we’ve solved some of the most challenging plastic and waste issues and developed “know how”, resources, tools, and relationships throughout the plastics and sustainability supply chains that we use today to help our clients succeed greener!

We’ve created new recycling technologies; designed, built, and operated state of the art plastics recycling facilities; recycled over 800 million pounds of consumer and industrial plastic waste; supplied close to 1 billion pounds of recycle & sustainable grades of plastic raw materials and additives to help manufacturers make products more sustainably; created plastic & corrugated packaging solutions via recycling, design, and reuse; executed national reverse logistics and end of use programs; measured carbon footprints via life cycle analysis and achieved FDA compliancy for post-consumer plastics; closed the loop in national retail circular economies, helped create sustainable products and brands, implemented purposeful and strategic social partnerships including ocean plastic waste and Lives per pound™; and conducted market research, education and environmental awareness initiatives.

Today, GearedforGREEN works with manufacturers, brands, retailers, distributors, municipalities, events, and more; providing sustainable solutions that help our clients lead sustainably!