Reuse FIBC Bulk Bags


gearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ handles a wide range of FIBC bulk bag reuse & recycling services, including buying, refurbishing and selling

Bulk bags made from Polypropylene plastics can be re-melted, cleaned & recycled back into new recycle grade plastic resins & into all kinds of new plastic products, including gearedforGREEN™ product

  • In many cases, used Bulk Bags can be safely and effectively reused for many applications, helping you save money while preserving our environment.
  • Through our eco-supply chain™, bulk bags are reconditioned and inspected for defects and integrity to ensure they meet industry compliance standards.

gearedforgreen™ bulk bag services


For many businesses, there’s no need to waste money buying new FIBC bulk bags when 1x used and reconditioned bulk bags will provide excellent enough performance. gearedforgreen™ FIBC bulk bag reuse program allows you to reuse or repurpose existing inventory of used bulk bags.

Our quality assurance program coupled with extensive cleaning and inspection ensures bulk bags are suitable for a wide range of reuse applications.
Standard FIBC bulk bags we accept for reuse & refurbishment programs include:

  • Baffle Bags – perfect for storage, stacking and transportation
  • Duffle Top Bulk Bags – reduce spillage & makes loading and emptying fast and mess-free
  • Spout Top Bulk Bags – make loading and unloading faster and cleaner
  • Open Top Bulk Bags – makes manual filling easier and more affordable
Let us show you how our gearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ can help you Recycle your used FIBC Bulk Bags and Reuse Bags to reduce your packaging costs