We go Beyond Business as Usual to provide Quality Plastic Resins matched with Sustainable Solutions that impact your business and top line

Connecting you to sustainability thru our eco-supply chain™ delivers greater value

  • For sustainability to be effective, it takes more than a person or a company… It takes an industry. It takes the supply chain. So we create eco supply chains™ with plastic waste generators, collectors, recyclers, plastic resin compounders, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and eco-brand marketers “teaming up” to drive sustainability and improve performance for manufacturers and our supply chain partners
  • So how does that add value to a manufacturer? You’ll make a more sustainable product, generate less plastic waste, reduce cost, increase efficiency, network to new customers, gain more knowledge, grow top line sales, and connect better with consumers
  • We focus on supplying manufacturers with the highest quality Recycled and Widespec Plastic Resins, matched with on-site tech support and expertise in resin selection, processing production, engineering and tooling that helps maximize efficiencies
  • But we go beyond resin, connecting Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers with world class Eco-Strategic Marketers, all working together transparently as part of your team to enhance growth and sustainability
  • As a resin supplier, we strive to bring sustainability to life for manufacturers, helping not just to make a great sustainable product but to also showcase the journey from plastic scrap-to-resin-to-product, creating sustainable value and inspired consumers along the way

Going a greener mile for you

  • As a resin supplier for more than 25+ years, our eco-supply chain™ has provided committed service to hundreds of manufacturers nationwide, delivering more than a Billion Pounds of Widespec and Recycled Resins to manufacturers annually.
  • Our supply chain operates regional compounding and distribution facilities in nine (9) different states, helping manufacturers reduce delivery costs and carbon footprint.
  • It’s not only what you know, but often “who you know” that makes the difference! As part of our eco-supply chain™ team, you’ll not only gain quality plastic resins matched with excellent service, you’ll get connected with other eco-supply chain™ partners including retailers, distributors, and eco-marketing experts to help you expand your knowledge base and potentially your customer base.