Plastic Resins

There’s more to choosing a Recycled Plastic Resin than picking a polymer

GearedforGreen works with Plastic Manufacturers nationwide as an integrated supplier of recycled plastic resins and sustainable raw materials. We supply a range of materials including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyester, & others, in both certified post-consumer and post-industrial grades, made custom for each client based on product, equipment, and specification requirements.
But we are vastly more than just a raw material supplier… For plastic companies committed to preserving our environment and taking leadership capitalizing on sustainability, GearedforGreen adds considerable economic, environmental, and social value well beyond “price per pound” as a true sustainability partner with our clients. 

We supply Plastic Resins integrated with sustainability

  • We supply Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and Polyester recycled plastic resins, and other grades, in certified Post-Consumer, Post-Industrial, including FDA and Green Seal certified, all made custom to fit each client’s specification, equipment, and product needs.
  • As part of our GearedforGreen eco supply chain, we leverage large volume supply to ensure clients capitalize on cost savings to achieve economic & tax benefits associated with using sustainable raw materials.
  • As part of our circular supply chain, we help clients connect sustainability from inside-out, including a connected circular eco-supply chain, social partnerships, toll plastic waste repurposing, closed loop, certified destruction, end of use responsibility, and more.


We know what matters to our clients when it comes to choosing a sustainable raw material supplier

  • Expertise Matters – We help maximize production with accurate resin selection, quality certified tested recycled resins, expert on-site support, and on-time delivery. We provide expertise in engineering, tooling, color match, and production to help clients use recycled and sustainable raw materials effectively.
  • Quality Matters – We validate all materials from our eco supply chain using in-house ASTM labs, providing certificate of analysis with every delivery. We provide Green Seal & FDA compliancy, and supply from multiple regional facilities to keep delivery costs and carbon footprint minimized.
  • Sustainability Matters – We provide comprehensive sustainability solutions including; recycling plastic waste from our clients operations, toll reuse, certified destruction, close loop, end-of-use responsibility, sustainable packaging solutions, social partnerships, corporate strategy, and eco brand communications and marketing that help leverage our client’s sustainability in the market.

Our circular eco supply chain sets us apart as a sustainable plastic resin supplier

"We deliver more than resin … we deliver sustainability"

  • Beyond plastic resins and raw materials… we deliver sustainability solutions that impact our client’s bottom line, top line and brand value better than anyone else!
  • We recognize that to effectuate sustainability it takes more than any one person or company… It takes a team… a supply chain. GearedforGreen implements eco supply chain sustainability for our client’s, connecting plastic recycling, sustainable packaging, raw material selection, sustainable industrial and corporate branded products, with social partnerships and eco brand marketers and communications, integrating sustainability and innovative solutions for plastic manufacturers and supply chain partners.