Plastic Resins

There’s more to choosing a Recycled Resin than picking a polymer

We supply Recycled and Widespec Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene Plastic Resins and connect you with an Eco-Supply Chain™ of sustainable services. Our resins include Prime, Recycled, and Widespec. We help you reduce bottom line cost, increase top line sales, build a stronger more sustainable product & brand, and operate more efficiently and sustainably too. 


With over a billion pounds a year of plastic resin expertise from our supply chain, we leverage large volume purchasing to provide you with cost savings and more resources. 

Sustainability connects consumers to your products

We’ve learned two essential truths why successful manufacturers focus on Sustainability and use Recycled Grade Plastic Resins.

  • Our customers look to continually Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency & Sustainability. They use Recycled & Wide Spec resins when they can. They recognize being GREEN is as much about economic savings as environmental savings.
  • Whether your customer is a business or individual, consumers love to connect with products & brands they trust and love telling stories about a products sustainability. Sustainability serves as a powerful way to grow sales and increase brand value between manufacturers and retailers and between retailers and consumers. By inspiring retailers and consumers, you’ll drive long term and topline sales. 

We supply Plastic Resins matched with “added value”

  • We supply Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene resins, and others, in Recycled & Widespec grades, stocked and custom made for your specific needs.
  •   We leverage our large volume purchasing to provide you with greater cost saving.
  • By connecting with industry leaders in a circular connected eco-supply chain™, you’ll gain more resources, knowledge and innovation to help drive sustainability and profitability into your business.

We go “Beyond Business as Usual” to impact your bottom line, top line, and brand

  •   Expertise Matters –We help maximize your production with accurate resin selection, quality certified tested resins, expert on-site tech support, matched with on-time-every-time delivery. Our expertise in engineering, tooling, color match & production focuses on efficiency, innovation and cost savings to make a difference to your bottom line.
  •  Quality Matters –We validate all materials in our in-house ASTM labs to meet your criteria, including cert of analysis with every delivery. We assure on time and provide just-in-time delivery and with multiple facilities, we keep freight costs and carbon footprint low. All recycled grade resins are made to spec & certified.
  • Sustainability Matters –We provide one-stop resin-recycling-retail services including recycling plastic waste from your operations, end-of-use recycling for your products, and eco corporate strategy and brand communication marketing, to help leverage your sustainability to retail and consumers. We supply Green Seal & FDA sustainable resins.