When it comes to plastic recycling, we go “Beyond Business as Usual”, getting our hands dirty to help you enhance your plastic recycling program. Our expertise comes from 25+ years of getting it done for our valued customers click here

  • On the front end, we help design, implement and manage your recycling programs to your specific needs. As an eco-supply chain™ partner, we can help you setup recycling programs with industry in your area
  • To support your recycling programs, we provide reuse eco packaging including Gaylord Boxes and Bulk Bags, recycling equipment such as vertical and down stroke Balers, and gearedforgreen™ Recycling Bins to collect recyclables at your supplier locations
  • gearedforGREEN™ plastic recycling programs extend nationwide. We handle all freight door-to-door and provide certified scale tickets and receiving reports with each shipment
  • To document your recycling initiatives, we provide Certificates of Destruction & Carbon Footprint Certifications
  • Our services don’t end there.. Through our gearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ we work with Plastic Scrap generators of all kinds, and connect them direct to Recycling, Resin, Retail and eco Marketing partners in our eco-supply chain™, all working together with you to enhance your recycling & sustainability
  • They say, “It’s not what you know, but often who you know” that makes the difference! Thru our eco-supply chain™, we help build partnerships that create opportunities, innovation, exchange knowledge and connect industry leaders and expertise