GearedforGreen provides a variety of plastic waste repurposing initiatives, helping Plastic Manufacturers enhance their environmental, economic, and socially sustainable supply chains. Repurposing includes Toll Reuse, Close Loop, and End of Use responsibility for plastic scrap generated in our clients manufacturing operations, supply chain, or elsewhere in the market.

Get more value connecting through an eco-supply chain™

  • Part of the challenge to increase plastic recycling rates is supply chain driven. GearedforGreen helps our clients and supply chain partners get “more strategic” about their plastic recycling initiatives, digging out value through the supply chain.
  • Today most plastic scrap materials are sold from a supplier to user, or broker to customer on a one to one “price per pound” basis, without strategy how to improve value creation through the supply chain.
  • We connect plastic waste generators with collectors, processors, & manufacturers in the eco supply chain to transform plastic scrap into sustainable raw materials and into new sustainable plastic products.
  • We leverage sustainability up & down the supply chain to help clients create partnerships, reduce cost, increase revenue, create broader longer term markets, competitive differentiation, and more valuable purposeful brands.

Toll processing programs help plastic manufacturers preserve value

  • For Plastics Manufacturers, re-processing plastic scrap materials back into usable product can be accomplished through Toll processing.
  • GearedforGreen Toll processing services offer a cost effect more sustainable way for plastic manufacturers to preserve raw material cost, using third party service providers to convert production scrap back into new finished product, which may or may not be the same as the original application.
  • Converting plastic waste into reusable product helps preserve raw material value, reduce energy consumption, and conserve natural resources.
  • As part of our GearedforGreen eco supply chain, we maintain local and regional toll processing facilities, providing a wide range of toll services for most plastic resin grades, including grinding, resin separation & washing, pelleting & compounding.

Closed Loop Programs help manufacturers keep plastics out of landfills, repurposing used product into sustainable raw material & new product again

  • When it comes to helping clients “close the loop”, every program is unique. From industrial plastic products generated as waste in operations, to plastic products used commercially throughout a supply chain, to consumer plastic products generated in the market, GearedforGreen helps close the loop to turn old plastic products back into new.
  • GearedforGreen connects a circular eco supply chain including logistics, recyclers & collectors, raw material re-preprocessors and sustainability experts, to help close the loop together.
  • Closing the loop requires more than logistics & technology, it requires teamwork, collaboration, and education, with vested partners working towards the same goal; an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable supply chain. GearedforGreen connects the dots to help our clients close the loop.

End of Use Programs help plastic manufacturers take responsibility for products they make, after use in the market

  • End of Use Responsibility is an “everyone’s” job. From manufacturers to distributors, retailers, and the supply chain in between, everyone must work collaboratively to make, recapture, and repurpose plastic products after use in the market.
  • End of Use responsibility is one of the most economically & environmentally important issues for plastic product manufacturers in our 21st century.
  • End of Use strategies start at the design, influencing current & future cost, EOU markets, and environmental impact for products to be reused, remanufactured, or recycled after use.
  • Successful EOU strategies include technical, economic, logistics, environmental, and educational components.
  • GearedforGreen eco supply chain connects the dots to help plastic manufacturers implement effective EOU strategies to take responsibility for the products they make at End of Use.