gearedforGREEN helps manufacturers and their brands travel a greener road… supplying Recycled Resins helping make Sustainable Products

  • Over 25+ years we’ve learned an essential truth about successful sustainability. Sustainability isn’t driven by manufacturers, it’s driven by consumers, and consumers purchase products and make purchasing decisions in part based on sustainability. Whether the consumer is an individual or a business, sustainability is most successful when we inspire consumers
  • Consumers love to connect with products and brands they trust and love to tell the story of their products sustainability. Sustainability serves as a powerful connection between consumers and the brands & products they trust
  • GearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ helps Product Manufacturers and Retailers bring recycling & sustainability to life, supplying certified recycle grade plastic resins, providing on-site engineering & tooling to manufacturers, end-of use recycling programs, complimented with eco-strategic brand marketing to help showcase your sustainability to retailers and consumers
  • Plastic scrap materials recycled through our gearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ are cleaned, sorted, melted, and compounded into new custom made certified recycle plastic resins, made in a variety of grades and specifications
  • Our Recycled and Widespec plastic resins are used by hundreds of molders and manufacturers to make their products more sustainably. We also use them ourselves, to make gearedforGREEN™ plastic pallets, storage containers, recycling and trash containers, and our eco corporate logo branded apparel and uniforms made from used soda and water bottles