We the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and recycling community, have the tools and ingenuity to shape our business models and create environmentally sensible products
that give consumers an alternative choice … To succeed we need to create ways of connecting our economic systems with ecosystems that make environmental protection
something that’s beneficial for industry.

GearedforGreen helps Plastic Manufacturers and Industry create Sustainable Social Partnerships that connect our client’s own sustainability initiatives and products, with
important social causes including ocean and beach plastics, to incorporate clean ups, sustainable raw material development, along with eco brand marketing and education.

When it comes to reducing plastic waste and disposal, increasing plastic recycling rates, and expanding markets for recycled plastics, we recognize the importance of consumer
and commercial education and engagement in community outreach.

Social Partnerships are a great way to connect internal sustainability initiatives with external socially purposeful causes that raise awareness and increase education about
plastics & sustainability.

To learn more about how you can get involved in GearedforGreen Social Partnerships, contact us at info@gearedforgreen.com or call us at 888-398-GEAR (4327).