gearedforGREEN™ Eco Packaging

 gearedforGREEN™ Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We help manufacturers create more sustainable packaging solutions, via optimization, redesign, reuse and recycling



gearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ Packaging Engineers provide solutions to decrease packaging material usage, reduce environmental impact and optimize packaging design to save cost throughout the supply chain


Today’s manufacturers seek packaging options that not only offer protection to ensure their product arrives intact at its final destination, but also provide cost-effective sustainable solutions to minimize impact on our environment. This is our expertise.

Wasted packaging is a wasted opportunity. GearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ helps businesses develop reuse programs for used Gaylord Boxes & used FIBC Bulk Bags


There’s thousands of businesses across the USA that use Gaylord Boxes and FIBC Bulk Bags to package and ship products. After 1x use, much of these packaging materials are disposed in landfills. We help solve this issue with alternative reuse and recycling options that save money and reduce waste.

Recycling is a great alternative to disposal. FIBC Bulk Bags are made from woven polypropylene plastic and in many cases are recyclable through the gearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ .

Reuse is another excellent alternative to disposal. While certain products are required to be packaged in brand new packaging, 1x reused Bulk Bags and Gaylord Boxes are ideal for many business seeking to save money and package their products more sustainably.