Sustainable packaging initiatives benefit our environment and our businesses


With 7 billion people on our planet, the earth’s resources are increasingly strained. The more resources we preserve … the better! Packaging waste is one of the biggest solid waste challenges today, accounting for over 35% of all solid waste generated in the USA. To put that into perspective, we Americans discard our own weight in packaging every 30-40 days on average.

Today, industry has every incentive, both environmental and economic, to implement sustainable packaging initiatives, to reduce raw material & delivery cost, decrease landfill & disposal, improve brand value, increase revenue, & reduce cost.

GearedforGreen helps Plastic Manufacturers and industry nationwide to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle plastic and corrugated packaging materials.

Packaging Optimization


Packaging design, raw material selection, and process management are integral to successful sustainable packaging initiatives, helping reduce the final delivered cost of product, increase customer interaction and product salability, and create stronger brands.

  • GearedforGreen eco supply chain team are recognized as global industry leaders in Packaging Optimization.
  • Sustainable design initiatives help lengthen a product’s lifespan, increase container loading, and reduce material waste and transportation cost.
  • Managing raw material selection contributes to product lifespan and packaging lifecycle.
  • Process improvements with innovative design solutions help reduce carbon footprint, energy, materials usage, and cost
  • Packaging optimization improves brand perception, and distinguishes product differentiation over a competitor at point of sale.

Raw Material Selection


When it comes to sustainable packaging, manufacturers today have more raw material options than ever, including recycled plastic resins, bioplastics, and hybrids in between.

There’s many ways to make packaging materials more sustainable, including use of more renewable and recyclable content, and returning used packaging at end of use back to the supply chain as new raw material or back to nature.

There’s also many ways to enhance raw materials used in sustainable packaging, with engineering that improves physical performance, protective capabilities, and aesthetic qualities.

  • GearedforGreen eco supply chain are leaders in raw material selection for the Packaging industry.
  • Supplying more than 800 million pounds each year of recycled plastic resins, available in many grades and specifications, custom made, including color match, FDA, and Green Seal Certified.
  • A wide range of biocomposites, biobased, and compostable raw materials that provide more options to match your sustainability goals.
  • We support raw material supply with expert on-site support, carbon footprint measurement and certification, and a range of recycling options for packaging waste generated in operations and in the market, including toll reuse, close loop, certified destruction, and end of use.

Corrugated Box Reuse

corrugated box

Most corrugated boxes are used 1x, yet their useful life can be 3-4x plus! Reusing cardboard boxes versus recycling substantially increases both economic & environmental sustainability.

GearedforGreen “Pack Share” services build strong partnerships with box buyers & sellers nationwide.

Today our circular eco supply chain is the largest network of buyers & resellers of 1x used cardboard boxes in North America.

  • We host 35 regional sorting QC centers in North America.
  • We provide storage trailers and handle all freight including documentation and reporting.
  • GearedforGreen implements and standardizes efficient and convenient corporate wide box reuse and recycling programs for clients anywhere in North America.

Gaylord Box Reuse

gaylord box

Gaylord boxes are commonly used to package and ship billions of pounds of plastic resins worldwide. After 1x use they get recycled or reused. GearedforGreen adds economic and environmental value for those interested in Gaylord box reuse.

GearedforGreen “Gaylord Box Share” services build stronger more circular partnerships with plastic manufacturers discarding boxes and the recycling community using 1x used boxes to contain metal, paper, plastic, electronic, textile, and other scrap materials.

Today we are one of the largest networks of used Gaylord box buyers & resellers in North America.

  • We host 35 regional sorting QC centers in North America.
  • We provide storage trailers and handle all freight including documentation and reporting.
  • We provide Gaylord box lids and poly liners to make reuse even easier.
  • GearedforGreen connects over 3000 recycling companies buying 1x used Gaylords across North America.

FIBC Bulk Bag Reuse & Recycling


GearedforGreen eco supply chain handles a wide range of FIBC bulk bag reuse and recycling services, including buying, selling, recycling, and refurbishing.

Recycling is a good option for used Bulk bags made from polypropylene plastics, where they are re-melted, cleaned & recycled back into new plastic raw material resins and made into all kinds of new sustainably made plastic products.

Reuse is another excellent approach for handling used FIBC Bulk bags, where they can be safely & effectively reused for many applications, increasing both economic and environmental sustainability.

  • Our recycling facilities utilize specialized cleaning, shredding, grinding, and extrusion systems, capable to recycle many different kinds of used FIBC Bulk bags.
  • Through our reuse network, used Bulk bags are reconditioned and inspected for defects and integrity to ensure they meet industry compliance standards, and sent back out in our network of buyers.
  • Standard FIBC bulk bags we accept for reuse & refurbishment programs include:

    Baffle Bags – perfect for storage, stacking and transportation

    Duffle Top Bulk Bags – reduce spillage & makes loading and emptying fast and mess-free

    Spout Top Bulk Bags – make loading and unloading faster and cleaner

    Open Top Bulk Bags – makes manual filling easier and more affordable