Sustainability. For organizations making, using, or selling plastic products, you hear about it often. We know it’s beneficial for our environment and leads to greater innovation. We hear the stigma plastic has with environmental folks, and we know how important it is to consumers, our retail relationships, and to creating a long lasting brand.  All things equal, sustainability is the way to go. Although businesses recognize matching economic sustainability to environmental sustainability is essential, it is often easier said than done. Consumers don’t want to, nor should they have to, pay more for sustainable products, and manufacturers shouldn’t either. The good news is that sustainability often leads to innovation, efficiency, cost reduction and increased brand value.

For plastic product manufacturers, making products eco-friendly can be achieved in part by using recycled and / or wide spec plastic resins as raw materials, which is substantially better for the environment. As part of our Gearedforgreen 360 degrees of sustainability program, we supply many plastic product manufacturers with alternative  – recycle grade and Widespec grade plastic resins, matched with on-site technical support and other Eco-supply chain resources, such as Eco-packaging, Consumer Brand Marketing, etc.  

The upsides to using sustainable raw materials and making more sustainable products are endless. Manufacturers can capitalize on their sustainability to leverage top line sales by attracting millennials and other Eco- friendly consumers, create stronger relationships with retailers and distributors, strengthen brand value, and differentiate from competition. According to virtually all industries leading business advisory firms, including KPMG, Accenture, PWC, and others, “manufacturers need to connect sustainability & socially purposed initiatives to remain relevant.”

Leading retailers, including Walmart, Target, Kroger, The Home Depot, and many others are incredibly supportive of circular connected supply chains and selling sustainable brands with social purpose.  As an example from Walmart, “We’re making sustainability part of how we buy and sell merchandise around the world. In doing so, we’re taking a leading role in addressing the most important issues facing the consumer goods industry, helping our suppliers become more competitive businesses, creating a more resilient supply chain and increasing our customers trust in us and the brands we carry.”

Whether you make products sold B2B or B2C, with the growing demand for sustainable products, there is no going wrong with going green. A manufacturer that uses recycled and Widespec plastic resin as a component of their overall sustainability initiative has the ability to attract a whole new set of consumers, whose priorities align with sustainability and social purpose. Manufacturers gain the ability to turn a higher profit by attracting a significantly higher percentage of potential sales. And in today’s digital social media age, consumers have the ability to build or break brands in a nano second. Fostering positive consumer relations and growing a reputation as a social value brand is very important for a business. That is our gearedforGREEN mission for manufacturers, to help them team up in a connected Eco-supply chain to make, market and sell products that are more sustainable.

Beating the competition is key! Retail is shaped by its consumer, and today’s consumer cares more than ever about “purpose.” In recent years, there has been a high demand for products that are environmentally friendly, made by companies that also have social purpose. With every new generation that comes into the workforce, there is increased passion around sustainability and sustainable goods. In conjunction with that, current generations are being presented with more and more options to choose from, more than ever before, and they need to be incentivized to choose one product over another. All things equal, green is a tie breaker!  As sustainability is climbing the list of necessary consumer criteria, it becomes increasingly important for manufacturers to offer sustainability and social purpose as a component of their products to the consumer. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers who can capitalize on sustainability will be the big winners!

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We recycle HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, HMWPE, PP, PS, PET, PVC, ABS. Post-Industrial and Post-Consumer grades including bottle, film, sheet, bag, purge, part, regrind, pellet, and contaminated mixed plastics too. Plastic scrap is recycled back into gearedforGREEN™ eco products, supplied back “closed loop” and used within our eco supply chain™ network.