If you make plastic products, use plastic packaging, generate, collect, recycle, plastic waste, or use plastic products in your operation.. gearedforGREEN eco-supply chain™ helps you

  • We believe in connecting teamwork and thinking Big but acting small... Our eco-supply chain™ of industry leading providers helps support manufacturing, provide plastic recycling, supply plastic resins, help reuse packaging, and develop strategic brand marketing to showcase sustainability. Our eco-supply chain™ rolls up our collective sleeves to “get it done”
  • Connecting the dots is no game. Plastic scrap is generated as waste in manufacturing or the market, is diverted from landfills, goes to local Collectors for consolidation, to Recyclers for cleaning and pre-sorting, then transformed into recycled grade plastic resins by Compounders, molded into sustainable products by Manufacturers, shipped off to Retailers or Distributors, ultimately winding up at a Consumer
  • “Teaming up” in our eco-supply chain™ increases knowledge and adds innovation and resources, connecting industries in every state to make recycling and sustainability more efficient, profitable, and engaging to consumers