Our ECO-Supply Chain Connects Your Sustainability

Connecting in an eco-supply chain™ enhances sustainability, brand value & profitability for manufacturers

  • We believe for sustainability to impact bottom line, top line and brand value, it takes more than a person or a company… It takes an industry. So we leverage 25+ years of industry knowledge and relationships to create eco supply chains™ for plastic product manufacturers, focusing on 360 degrees of sustainability. We connect  plastics recycling, sustainable resins and raw materials, eco packaging, sustainability, and zero waste, straight through to eco corporate strategy and brand communication. We get all vendors in your supply chain “teaming up” transparently and connected, all rowing in the same direction towards your goal, to help businesses, products and brands maximize  sustainability.
  •   We believe sustainable manufacturing needs to focus on both environmental and economic sustainability. So we take a 360 degrees focus on improving economic and environmental performance, starting with recycling plastic waste generated in your operations, supplying cost effective quality certified recycled or sustainable raw materials, matched with engineering, tooling and manufacturing expertise to help drive innovation and efficiency in your operations. We compliment recycling and resins with eco-packaging and sustainable manufacturing expertise, and connect your sustainability efforts with revenue generating brand building strategies including eco-corporate planning and eco brand communication and marketing, to help leverage your sustainability in the market, impacting your bottom line, top line and your brand.
  • Telling the story of your sustainability and connecting stronger with customers and consumers matters. Over 25+ years we’ve learned Sustainability isn’t driven by manufacturers or retailers, it’s driven by customers and consumers. Whether it’s an individual or corporate consumer, sustainability is most successful when consumers are inspired, and the difference is enormous! Making your product more purposeful and sustainable is good… But it won’t move the needle and create the positive impacts your business deserves. Whether it’s your retail customer, distributor or the end consumer, if you aren’t motivating customers and differentiating from competitors… then you aren’t pursuing sustainability effectively. We’ll help carefully develop consumer facing eco corporate strategy, marketing and brand communications to compliment your internal efforts, that will help you tell Your Sustainability Story and build Your Brand.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

In order for manufacturing businesses to effectively manage sustainability, it takes multiple parties all working connected together. It takes an eco-supply chain™.

  •     Sustainable raw material plastic resin providers help carefully select plastic resin grades that meet your product and manufacturing needs. Recycled plastic raw materials sourced for our resins are generated by industrial manufacturers and consumer recyclers working in our eco-supply chain™, so we carefully manage and track raw material right from the source and straight through resin production to connect quality, consistency and repeatability with your raw material program.
  •    Our engineers have 25+ years of plastics manufacturing expertise using recycle grade resins in the most resourceful efficient manner. We provide on-site tech support, leveraging engineering, tooling, mold making and production expertise, working side by side with your team to develop custom formulations and processing parameters for your specific needs.
  •   Our corporate sustainability strategists and sustainable brand marketing experts work with your sales marketing team to develop communications and eco marketing strategies that help build your brand and leverage your sustainability in the market, to connect stronger with retailers, distributors, consumers and customers.
  • Our plastics recycling and collection team help develop plastics recycling programs to recycle the plastic waste generated in your manufacturing operations, and your products once they’ve reached end-of-use in the market, turning your plastic waste materials back into new recycle grade resins and new sustainably made plastic products.

We Focus on 3 Core areas of Sustainability to Impact your Business and Brand

Revenue Growth
Cost Reduction
Brand Building