From plastic recycling, sustainable raw materials and sustainable packaging, to eco corporate strategy and consumer brand communication, we focus from the inside-out to help plastic manufacturers make, market and sell products sustainably and profitably

360 degrees of sustainability means focusing on multiple fronts simultaneously, including raw material selection, production, distribution, and corporate strategy and eco communications, to help businesses and their brands succeed greener

  • We connect manufacturers with our eco-supply chain™ industry leading eco service providers to increase your resources, knowledge & sustainable partnerships.
  • Services are provided on an a la carte basis or comprehensive 360 basis.
  • We help recycle plastic waste materials generated in manufacturing operations helping reduce cost & maximize value.
  • Plastic scrap materials get converted into high quality certified Recycled Plastic Resins, to go back into your products or others.
  • We supply Recycled & Widespec Plastic Resins helping manufacturers make products more efficiently & sustainably.
  • We provide engineering, tooling & production support to maximize efficiency and quality when using our resins.
  • We help develop corporate strategy and eco brand communications to help you build stronger more sustainable brands, start eco-conversations and connect stronger with consumers, customers and employees.
  • We supply gearedforGREEN™ eco Industrial Products for use in your everyday operations, and corporate logo branded eco apparel & uniforms that look and feel great to wear and you’re your employees show off your sustainability & walk your talk.
  • Together we call that 360 degrees of sustainability from the inside - out, focusing on your environmental and economic sustainability.