We bring a circular approach to sustainability for businesses and industry, helping them make, market and sell plastic products more sustainably, and leverage their sustainability in the market by connecting in our eco-supply chain™. We surround our clients with 360 degrees of sustainability including plastic recycling - sustainable raw materials - eco packaging - sustainable manufacturing - retail sales support - end of use recycling - and connect internal sustainability efforts with corporate strategy and eco brand marketing & communications, to leverage their sustainability in the market. Together we focus on our clients environmental and economic sustainability.

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  • They say a tree’s rings tell nearly everything about its history, longevity, and even climate change endured during the tree’s life. We see things similarly when we look under the polymer layer and packaging of the myriad of plastic products produced today, to learn about a company’s corporate culture, brand purpose and commitment to recycling & sustainability.
  • Successful businesses today understand that sustainability isn’t a “buzz word” anymore. It isn’t something on your wish list for the future, something to dabble in to mention on your sustainability score card. Businesses without a comprehensive smart sustainability & recycling initiative will not remain cost competitive, will not remain brand competitive, and will not connect competitively with retail customers and consumers.
  • Business leaders understand that the smartest sustainability strategies must focus as much on economic sustainability as environmental sustainability, to impact their bottom line, top line, and brand value, while adding innovation, and strengthening relationships with customers.
  • This is our expertise. Focusing on 360 degrees of sustainability for our clients. Connecting the dots through our eco-supply chain™ and through our clients own supply chain. GearedforGREEN is an environmental sustainability service provider, concentrating in the plastics manufacturing industry with a focus in plastics & recycling, plastic raw materials, plastic product manufacturing, plastic packaging and eco strategy and brand communications to help plastic product manufacturers succeed greener.

What We Do Specifically

  • We make sustainability matter, by focusing on 360 degrees of sustainability, from the core of your product straight to your consumer, to help our clients operate more sustainably and then leverage their sustainability in the market to grow sales, gain competitive advantages and connect stronger with customers and consumers.
  • Our eco-supply chain™ of industry leading eco service providers is both circular and connected, working collaboratively and transparently together, all rowing in the same direction, towards our clients goals.
  • We recycle plastic waste materials generated in manufacturing and at end-of-use, working with businesses and industry of all kinds andpublic & private recycling facilities nationwide, recycling industrial & consumer plastic waste materials and turning them into new plastic resins and new plastic products.
  • We supply manufacturers with certified Recycled & Widespec Plastic Resins matched with engineering and tooling expertise to help manufacturers use recycled resins resourcefully, making products more sustainably and cost efficiently.
  • We help companies use more sustainable packaging and help develop packaging reuse programs to keep used packaging out of our landfills.
  • We supplysustainable Plastic Products used by businesses in their everyday operations, such as eco shipping pallets, storage and trash containers, recycling bins, and more, and we proudly make gearedforgreen™ corporate branded eco apparel and uniforms made in America from recycled plastic materials.
  • We connect your internal sustainability efforts with eco brand marketing, communication and strategy to help communicate and leverage our clients sustainability in the market, with customers, consumers and stake holders.

We do what we do because we are proud of the work and the results we help you achieve

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  • Our goal is to help plastics manufacturers and our eco-supply chain™ partners to operate more sustainably, profitably, efficiently and more connected. We love what we do and take great pride helping clients and partners succeed greener.
  • We love what we do and take great pride helping our clients and partners succeed greener. As a sustainable products manufacturer ourselves, we are excited making products that consumers are proud to purchase.

Who We are

Eco-Service Provider

We are a division of Environmental Service Provider with offices in New York and Florida. GearedforGREEN™ is an environmental sustainability service provider, concentrating in the plastics manufacturing industry, helping manufacturers make, market, and sell their products more sustainably. We help to recycle plastic waste materials generated in manufacturing and at end-of-use, and help manufacturers reduce their environmental impact and disposal costs. We supply manufacturers with recycled & wide spec plastic resins supported with on-site tech services helping manufacturers make more sustainable products. We help manufacturers optimize and reduce packaging and develop packaging reuse programs. We supply manufacturers with sustainably made industrial products for use in their everyday operations, helping them walk their talk and operate more environmentally themselves. We connect internal sustainability efforts with customer facing eco corporate strategy and eco brand communications to help manufacturers strengthen their brands and business, and leverage their sustainability in the market.

For manufacturers that want to certify their sustainability, we provide Carbon Footprint Measurement services to help you track and certify your environmental saving. For manufacturers that want to protect their brands, we provide Certified Destruction services to help ensure that your plastic waste materials are destroyed and recycled in a secure and certified facility.

What we do

  • gearedforGREEN™ works with manufacturers nationwide helping them operate more sustainably and efficiently.
  • We recycle industrial & consumer plastic scrap materials of all kinds.
  • We turn old plastic scrap materials into new high quality recycled plastic resins and we supply and distribute recycled and wide spec resins to molders and manufacturers helping them make their products more sustainably and efficiently.
  • We use recycled plastics as raw material and make gearedforgreen™ sustainable plastic products, used by businesses and industry in everyday operations.

What You’ll get

  • 25+ years of expertise & commitment to creating sustainable products and strategies, connecting all the dots through our eco-supply chain™ of industry leading eco-service providers, all rowing in the same direction towards your goal, focusing on your economic & environmental sustainability.
  • We’ll help you reduce disposal costs, reduce environmental impact and increase revenue via the sale of plastic scrap materials generated from your operations, for use in recycling.
  • We’ll help you reduce raw material cost and streamline inventory management by using Recycled & Widespec plastic resins more resourcefully, and with on-site tech support we help you create operational efficiencies.
  • We’ll help you and your employees “walk your talk” by supplying sustainably made industrial plastic products used in your everyday operations, as well as corporate branded eco apparel, uniforms and promotional products, all made from recycled plastics, perfect for your employees and customers to start eco-conversations about your companies sustainability.
  • We’ll help you strengthen your brand, differentiate from competitors, grow top line sales and enhance your relationships with your supply chain, retail customers and consumers, by developing strategic and eco marketing communication that brings your sustainability and social purpose to life.

Why should you make your products more sustainably

Whether your customer is a business or individual, consumers love to connect with products and brands they trust and love telling stories about a products sustainability and purpose to everyone who’ll listen. Sustainability not only serves as a platform for innovation and efficiency for manufacturers, it serves as a powerful connection between consumers and the brands and products they purchase. By inspiring your employees & customers with your sustainability, you’ll drive sales and create long term value.

Why we support American made green products

GearedforGREEN™ supports green manufacturing and American manufacturing! We ourselves make quality sustainably made sustainable plastic products, all proudly made in America and all proudly made using recycled plastic materials. Our gearedforGREEN™ products are used and endorsed by leading businesses and organizations throughout North America and the world. Our products not only support our environment and create eco-conversations for consumers, they support our plastics industry’s 970,000 plus North American employees and their families. GearedforGREEN™ proudly advocates to protect American jobs and advance zero waste initiatives.