GearedforGreen is a sustainability company specializing in plastics. We connect circular eco supply chains™ that help USA manufacturers and industry operate more sustainably from inside-out.

Circular Eco Supply Chains

Our approach to sustainability is circular. We connect our clients and supply chain partners working transparently to maximize value and sustainability from every part of your supply chain.

  • We recycle plastic waste generated by manufacturers and consumers.
  • We supply recycled plastic resins & raw materials to help manufacturers make products more sustainably.
  • We provide technical expertise and resources to recyclers and processors helping them improve their capabilities & operations.
  • We optimize and reuse packaging materials to help companies use less material and reduce carbon footprint.
  • We supply sustainable industrial and corporate branded products for companies to use in their own operations.
  • We create valuable social partnerships supporting the use of ocean and beach collected plastics and more.
  • We implement closed loop, toll reuse, and end of use recycling to help repurpose raw materials back into new products.
  • We develop corporate sustainability strategies and provide eco brand marketing and communications to help companies connect internal & external sustainability to leverage their sustainability in the market.

Together with our supply chain partners, we provide 360 degrees of sustainability to help businesses & organizations operate more sustainably from inside-out, to improve top line, bottom line, and brand value.

What we believe, what drives us every day?

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"What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of innovation to help our clients operate as sustainably, efficiently, and profitably as possible. Sustainability and circular supply chain management are evolving quickly. Those that get circular and go green will thrive. We believe that if we limit our efforts to doing the same old things the same way we did yesterday, we are missing tremendous opportunity to innovate and tremendous growth opportunity ahead".

What Exactly We Do For You

  • Plastic Recycling & Zero plastic waste management
  • We help you innovate your plastic recycling efforts developing more valuable, strategic, and connected markets for industrial & consumer plastic waste materials including those generated in your manufacturing operations and at end-of-use. We help you repurpose raw materials implementing zero plastic waste, toll reuse, and closed loop programs. We work with businesses and industry and public & private recycling facilities to recycle plastic waste nationwide. The plastics we recycle are used to make new sustainable plastic resins “raw materials” and go back into all kinds of new plastic products.

  • Sustainable Plastic Resins and raw materials
  • We help plastic manufacturers make products more sustainable using Recycled Plastic Resins and other sustainable raw materials. We supply more than 800 million pounds of recycled grade plastic resins to manufacturers annually. GfG “Social Partnerships” connect our clients with socially important sustainable raw material streams and causes, including using ocean & beach plastics, creating eco partnerships that promote sustainability and socially purposeful initiatives. We provide manufacturing support to help you use recycled plastic resins, including custom compounding, additives, lab testing, certifications, FDA, color matching, on-site technical support, shipping, etc.

  • Sustainable Packaging
  • We help innovate and optimize your sustainable packaging initiatives for plastic & paper packaging. GfG “Pack Optimization” services help you package your products more sustainably, including packaging design for reduced material usage, sustainable raw material selection, and packaging compliance-certification. GfG “Pack Share” initiatives help you implement packaging reuse programs for used corrugate boxes generated in your operations, and used FIBC Bulk Bags and Gaylord Boxes.

  • Sustainable Products
  • We help you use more sustainable plastic products in your own everyday operations, at your production facilities, distribution, and offices. It’s important we support sustainability as consumers using sustainable products. It’s also important we communicate our commitment to sustainability by using environmental products ourselves. We supply industrial plastic products including shipping pallets, dunnage trays, storage containers, roll off containers, trash pails, recycling bins, poly bags, and more… We supply corporate logo branded eco apparel and uniforms and promotional products all made in America and all made from recycled plastics.

  • Eco Brand Marketing & Communications
  • Communicating your company’s sustainability to employees, stakeholders, customers, and consumers creates significant social value. We help you navigate through today’s digital-social landscape and message your environmental efforts to connect your internal operational sustainability to external customer & employee facing sustainability, to leverage your company’s commitment to our environment in the market. We provide corporate strategy and brand marketing communications services that help you build a more sustainable brand.

All GfG services are provided a la carte or full 360 degrees. If there are other sustainable services and solutions you need that we do not yet offer, we would be happy to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to help find you the right solutions. On behalf of the GearedforGREEN team we thank you for your interest and commitment to sustainability!