2. IT’S BETTER TO GO DEEP THAN WIDE.. When it comes to plastics sustainability


At GearedforGreen, we truly believe “less is more”. Less is core to our culture. Less plastic waste.. less virgin plastic to make products.. less energy, less carbon footprint, less packaging, less.. less.. less.

“Less” says a lot about our own modus operandi. Less about how many clients.. more about how we help each client maximize their plastics sustainability.

That’s why when it comes to our clients, we don’t go wide… WE GO DEEP.

When it comes to your plastic recycling we don’t just focus on price per pound… we go even deeper implementing initiatives that add increased economic and environmental “value”. We don’t just focus on recycling the standard grades of thermoplastics you generate as waste… We focus on recycling your hardest most challenging plastics too… the plastics that are contaminated and coated and multi layered.. or mixed commingled and assorted.. to help you get to absolute ZERO plastic waste. We create circular eco supply chains, including close loop and open loop partnerships. We recycle industrial plastics generated at your facilities and consumer plastics generated after use. We don’t just solve your pain points.. we uncover valuable opportunity.

When it comes to your plastic raw material needs we focus on supplying quality cost effective “certified recycled” plastic resins made to your exact specifications.. but we go deeper. We don’t just sell resin.. we make it! Having more than 20 years of hands on manufacturing expertise operating a wide range of tools, we also focus on your manufacturing efficiency, helping you continually lower your total cost of manufacturing, de-risk raw material purchases, reuse more of your own internal plastic waste, and use greater amounts of recycled plastics instead of virgin. We operate our own in house 24/7 plastics lab, and test every box before delivery. We ship in boxes, bags, and bulk and have rail onsite. We supply FDA approved resins, and for those manufacturers looking to make a social impact, we supply ocean and beach collected plastic resins too.

When it comes to your plastic packaging even coated food packaging, there’s a lot of value still left to recover. Solving the Single Use Plastic Packaging Waste Issue is perhaps the Single Biggest Opportunity for Plastics Manufacturers to be Sustainable! So we go deeper using patented proprietary technologies to recycle some of the most challenging plastic packaging materials in your waste stream, turning your laminated, coated, heavily printed, multi layered plastic packaging back to clean near virgin and FDA quality.

• We recycle PET, PP, HIPS, PE packaging and more… We provide close loop toll reuse to help you preserve your scrap value – by removing print, laminates, coatings from your plastic packaging, bringing your material back to clear near prime quality without adding a heat history, without negatively affecting physical properties, and without removing any internal additives from your plastic.

• We provide open loop recycling markets for your plastic packaging waste, connecting you with other manufacturers in our eco supply chain that recycle your packaging for their own reuse after we’ve cleaned it up.

• We implement packaging reuse programs that provide even greater economic value with less carbon footprint beyond recycling. Our GearedforGreen Eco Supply Chain is the largest network in North America for reused Corrugated Boxes of all sizes, Gaylord Boxes, Plastic Shipping Containers, Plastic Pallets, and FIBC Bulk Bags. We also provide close loop packaging refurbishment services for FIBC bulk bags and plastic shipping containers to clean up your used packaging for your own internal reuse.

• We engineer & optimize your plastic and corrugated packaging to “design out” waste so you can package your products using less material and with lower delivery cost.

And when it comes to industrial products you use in your own everyday operations we don’t overlook the importance of helping you “walk your sustainability walk”. We provide a range of American Made Certified Sustainable industrial plastic products .. all made from recycled plastics, including pallets & shipping containers, trash cans & can liners, recycling bins, and corporate branded promotional products and corporate logo uniforms and apparel made with the newest technical fabrics from 100% recycled plastic.

With 25+ years of plastic recycling, sustainability and circular supply chain expertise.. “Less” is something we are very passionate about!

So whether it’s plastic recycling, zero waste management, sustainable raw material, packaging, sustainable products, certified destruction, product reuse markets, LCA life cycle analysis, circular eco supply chains, co-manufacturing, regional warehousing & distribution, sustainable social partnerships, eco brand communication, strategic partnerships, and more… we go deeper to help you USE LESS to be as sustainable as you want to be.

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