Shedding our sustainable skins “Remaining comfortable versus remaining competitive”

shedding our sustainable skins

Shedding our sustainable skins isn’t simply “helpful” to creating sustainability and economic growth for our businesses … it’s imperative!

Whether we are in the plastics manufacturing industry, distribution, or retail side, in business if we don’t force ourselves to shed our skins, to try something new and explore alternative methods, if we don’t innovate different approaches and set new goals for our business development, if we don’t shed our skins and get out of our comfort zones, we actually start to deteriorate and our results go backwards.

I’ve heard it said … “a bend in the road isn’t the end of the road, unless we miss the turn”. In today’s millennial marketplace, sustainability and CSR “corporate social responsibility” is that turn. We cannot expect to remain comfortable and remain competitive. We cannot expect to operate without continual innovation, improvement, and change yet sustain a growing improving organization.

When it comes to sustainability and the team we surround our businesses with, whether that’s our raw material supplier, our recycling vendor, our packaging provider, even our sales marketing communications firm, if our team isn’t continually evolving and continually helping our business evolve greener, then we shouldn’t expect that keeping “status quo” will realize us improved results, better performance, or bigger margins.

If we expect to lead, it’s incumbent upon us to “shed our sustainable skins” and innovate.


By Daniel Schrager, President at GearedforGreen 888-398 (GEAR) 4327,,  





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