Helping Industry Operate More Sustainably

Connecting the dots … Teaming Up

Connecting Plastics Recycling to Resins to Manufacturers & Brands to Retail to Consumers and back, through an Eco-Supply Chain™

Creating More … Using Less

Plastic Recycling

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Plastic Resins

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Eco Corp Apparel

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Eco Industrial

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Helping Industry Operate More Sustainably

These are some of the plastic scrap materials we’ve recycled thru our eco-supply chain™, converted back into custom made recycled plastic resins and remanufactured into new sustainably made plastic products

“Closing the Loop” on Planet Green TV

Turning Plastic Scrap into clean Recycled Resins and into new Plastic Products
gearedforgreen eco promotional products - eco hats - Blue Front

gearedforGREEN Eco Baseball Style Hat

Made from 100% recycled soda and water bottles

gearedforgreen eco polo shirts

gearedforGREEN eco polo shirts

Corporate branded eco apparel and uniforms proudly made from recycled soda and water bottles


gearedforGREEN Eco Recycling Bins

Corrugated Plastic Recycling Bins are great for collecting all kinds of recyclables


gearedforGREEN™ Rack Plastic Eco Pallets

gearedforGREEN™ RACK Eco Plastic Pallet combines strength, economy and sustainability

Raw Materials Resin 4 in hands

Prime & Widespec Resins

We supply many grades of Widespec and Prime Plastic Resins


Recycled and Compounded Resins

We supply Compounded and Recycled Plastic Resins


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