Imagine an Eco-Supply Chain™ All Rowing in the Same Direction

Connected, Transparent, Towards Your Goal, Towards Your Customer

360 Degrees of Sustainability from your products core to the consumer, connecting Plastic Manufacturing,

Recycling & Raw Materials with Strategy, Eco Brand Marketing and Retail

Enhancing Economic & Environmental Sustainability for your Organization

Great Things in Business are never done by one person.
They are done by a Team of People.

Our eco-supply chain™ is focused as much on Economic Sustainability as Environmental Sustainability.
We connect you with industries leading eco-service providers teaming up to Leverage Your Sustainability in the market,

Helping Industry Make, Market and Sell Plastic Products more Sustainably

“Closing the Loop” on Planet Green TV

Turning Plastic Scrap into clean Recycled Resins and into new Plastic Products

Create your Eco-Marketing & Corp Strategy

Gain more “Brand Value” Leveraging your Sustainability in a Circular Eco-Supply Chain™

360 Degrees of Sustainability

From the Core of your Product straight to your Consumer

800 Million Pounds of Plastic Recycling Expertise

Recycling PE, PP, PS, PET & more.. Direct, Connected, Transparent

Recycled, Widespec, Prime Plastic Resins

Manage Cost, Improve Efficiency, through a Sustainable Connected Supply Chain

Start your Eco Conversation using Sustainable Products in your Operations

Leverage your Sustainability with eco products for your operations and organization

Lives Per Pound, Let’s Team-Up to Save and Impact Lives Together

Team up with other Plastics & Recycling Industry leaders to Save Lives Together

Sustainability is a pursuit…not a destination. See our Eco Gallery